Code Camp 7 – Final Session Selections Complete

by Stephen Bohlen on August 19, 2012

The next NYC Code Camp event on Saturday 9/15/2012 is continuing to come together!

We’re happy to announce that we have now completed the Session Selection process for the upcoming Code Camp!  We’re still in the process of completing the schedule of rooms and times for all of these sessions, but for now here are the official selected sessions (in no particular order)…

Session Title Level Speaker
30 Tips and Tricks for the ASP.NET developer 200 Adam Tuliper
Microsoft’s Big Play for Big Data 200 Andrew J Brust
Message Based Applications (AMQP with RabbitMQ) 200 Anthony Abate
Advanced IoC Techniques 200 Bailey Ling
.NET TDD Kickstart 200 Barry Stahl
So I want to learn iOS Development, Where do I start? 100 Becky Isserman
Architecture Patterns for Building Cloud-Native Applications 200 Bill Wilder
Windows Azure 2.0 200 Bill Zack
Knockout.js – Javascript Data Binding and MVVM 100 Boulos Dib
Hands-On Javascript 200 Chander Dhall
Going Native in HTML5 – Creating Great Mobile User Experiences in CSS, JS & HTML5 100 Chris Love
Hack the WiFi 200 Dane Morgridge
Effective Data Visualization: The Ideas of Edward Tufte 200 David Giard
Building REST API’s Using ASP.NET Web API 100 Devin Rader
PowerShell for Developers 200 Doug Finke
Tips for Building Responsive Cloud Applications 200 Igor Moochnick
Testable JavaScript 200 James Kovacs
Introduction to the CQRS Architecture Pattern 300 Jeff Fritz
Using ASP.NET MVC 4 Like a Pro (AKA – ASP.NET MVC: The Good Parts) 200 Jess Chadwick
Running RavenDB in a high-availability environment 200 John Bennett
MVC 4 Essentials 100 John V. Petersen
Simple, Fast, Elastic NoSQL with Couchbase Server 100 John Zablocki
Scaling Systems: Architectures that grow 200 Kendall Miller
Building DSLs (Domain Specific Languages) for the .NET platform using FluentScript 200 Kishore Reddy
WCF for Architects 100 Lisha Eapen
The role of personal character in software development 100 Mauricio Mendoza
Glimpse: Taking a look inside your server 200 Nik Molnar
Bigger, Better, and Faster: Distributed Computing with ZeroMQ 100 Paulmichael Blasucci
Easing Into Agile 100 Philip Japikse
Getting Started with F# 100 Rachel Reese
Advanced Troubleshooting Tools for .NET Applications 200 Ravi Okade
Barb: How I wrote a Simple Scripting Language in F# 300 Richard Minerich
Building Executable Specifications with Specflow 100 Robert Palmer
Using APIs with Javascript 100 Rushaine McBean
Phone 7, Making (More) Money 100 Russell Fustino
Using Visual Studio and TFS 2012 to Get Your Agile On 200 Ryan Riehle
SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 200 SB Chatterjee
From C# to Objective-C 200 Somya Jain
Windows Azure hosted Node applications 100 Thorsten Hans
XAML powered 100 Will Robertson
WinRT for Web Developers 100 Ben Dewey
Javascript on Windows 8 200 Dmitri Artamonov
Windows 8 – the developer’s view 100 Joel Cochran
Building Metro Applications for Windows 8 using XAML/C# 100 Michael Crump
Integrating the Windows 8 Experience with Contracts 100 Rachel Appel

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