Code Camp 10 – Updates to Schedule Posted!

by Stephen Bohlen on October 5, 2015

As we approach the event, we want to share that we’ve had some last-minute changes to the session schedule to accommodate additional speaker constraints.  To minimize churn across the entire schedule, we’ve managed to keep the necessary changes localized to only the sessions scheduled for either of the following three rooms:

  • Central Park West
  • Music Box
  • Marquis

You can review the updated schedule via the [SCHEDULE] tab of this site (or the direct link at

If you’re a speaker assigned to either of those three rooms, please (re)review the schedule to be certain you’re in the right place at the right time on Saturday 🙂

If you’re an attendee that had already planned your day out involving attending any of the sessions in either of those rooms, we recommend that you review the updated schedule and revise your session attendance plans as necessary.

Sorry for the late-breaking changes!

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