NYC Code Camp Fall 2011 Session Selections

We’re excited to provide the opportunity for attendees of the code camp to vote for the sessions you’d most like to see! We’ll tally up the votes, and your votes will weigh heavily in the final schedule. BUT… you must be registered for the code camp in order for your votes to count!

Please vote for the 5 sessions you’d most like to attend. There are 109 sessions to choose from, but only 35 will be selected. There is no particular order to this list. It is displayed randomly below to allow for each to have an equal chance of being seen. You can click on the session link to see a full description. Please vote carefully, since you will only have one chance, and your vote is very important.

The Vote button is at the bottom of the page, following the full list. Please be careful to not click the Vote button until you have selected your five favorite session topics. You will not get a second chance to vote.

Voting is only opened from midnight, September 6, 2011, through 11:59:59 PM, September 8, 2011!

If you can’t see any of the options, or you can see them but can’t check any of them, it’s either because you are not registered, or you are not within the dates specified above.

You must be registered on this site with a valid email address, and you must be a registered attendee using your SAME email address, in order for your votes to count!

Voting has now ended! Thanks for participating! Please revisit this site for further updates.

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