Session Ranking

Its that time again!  With the final sessions selected and the Code Camp NYC 2014 event fast-approaching, its time for our attendees to rank their 10 favorite session selections!

Why should you bother to rank sessions?

This ranking process helps us ensure that the more popular sessions are assigned to the larger rooms and are also not scheduled concurrently with each other during the day.  Your ranking helps increase the chances that you will get to see the sessions you most want to see at the event!


  1. Ranking is OPEN NOW and will continue until 5pm Friday August 29th
  2. Only rankings from registered attendees of the Code Camp NYC 2014 event will be counted.
  3. You can only submit rankings ONCE for each of your 10 favorite sessions.  Subsequent submissions from the same person will be discarded and only your first submission will be counted.


  1. Review the final list of selected sessions for the event.
  2. Complete the ranking form by entering the “Session ID” values for your top 10 sessions (in rank order of your preferences).
  3. As noted on the form, please ensure that you provide the same email address on this form as you used when registering for the event via Eventbrite.  Rankings submitted without a matching email address will be ignored.

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